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Lobster snowboards

Lobster snowboards

They slay rails, destroy kickers, produce mind-blowing video parts, win all the snowboarding popularity awards going, run their own media house at and still have the time to give birth to their own snowboard brand.

Yep - Iceland's finest, the Helgasons, announce the launch of Lobster Snowboards.
"Eiki and me wanted to get on the same board program since day one. We really have fun and push each other when we ride together so this was a logical step for us," says Halldor. "I'm super stoked on teaming up with my brother and being part of something new that we own and form as we like. Lobster allows Halldor and me the freedom to create the snowboarding brand we believe in and are stoked on.

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Lobster - Girls Board Womens Snowboard 149cm 2011/12 was £350
Price £149.95